BC 355 C
300 Channel Programmable Base / Mobile Scanning Radio
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800MHz Scanning with Mobile Operation

300 Channels
Close Call RF Capture Technology - Instantly tunes to signals from nearby transmitters
Preprogrammed Service Search - Makes finding interesting active frequencies even easier.
Temporary Lockout
Search Lockouts - Lets you lock out frequencies that have continuous or uninteresting communications so that searching is faster.
Backlit Display*** - Makes it easier to read the display in low light conditions.
100 ch/sec Scan Speed (max)
Frequency Coverage - Includes the most interesting "action" bands where you can hear police, ambulance, fire, amateur radio, public utilities, weather, and more. 25-54,108-174,406-512,806-956 (excluding cellular)
AC Adapters, DC Power Cable and Automotive Power Outlet Plug - More options for supplying power to your scanner at home or in your car.
Public Safety Scanner
Size: 5-3/16"(W) x 5-3/4"(D) x 1-5/8"(H)
Weight: 1lb 6.5oz. 63
Operating Temperature: – 20C (– 4F) to + 60C (+ 140F)
Power Requirements: DC 13.8V
Certified in accordance with FCC Rules and Regulations Part 15Sub-part C as of date of manufacture.
Banks: 7banks total (6Service banks / 1Private bank)
Police (PD): 1,769 Preprogrammed plus 100 programmable channels shared with Fire/Emergency Services
Fire/Emergency (FD/EMG): 280 Preprogrammed plus 100 programmable channels shared with Police
Air (AIR): 1,520 Preprogrammed. (Plus 100 programmable channels shared with Marine)
Marine (MRN): 51Preprogrammed. (Plus 100 programmable channels shared with Air).
Weather (WX): 10 Preprogrammed (7for NOAA weather service and 3for Canada Marine).
CB: 40 programmed.
PRIVATE: 100 channels fully user-programmable.
Search Band: 13searchable bands:
• • • • • • • 64
Scan Rate: 50 channels/second
Search Rate: 60 steps/second180 steps/second(5kHz steps band only)
Scan Delay: 2seconds
Audio Output: Max. 1.2W
Antenna: 50 ohms (Impedance
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