Uniden Marine VHF Radio
VHF Marine Radio
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Radio Features


  • JIS8 Submersible - Meets rigid JIS8 submersible standards (5' 30 min.)
  • DSC (Digital Selective Calling) - Including Distress Button, Position Send and Request. Gives you the ability to press one button to call for help during an emergency. Full Class D DSC capability. High performance transceiver ensures clear communication and helps prevent and reject interference.
  • All USA/International/Canadian Marine Channels
  • 1 Watt/25 Watt Transmit Power
  • DSC Position Send and Request - Allows you to send and receive position information between your boat and other boats.
  • Ultra Compact Rugged Construction - Saves valuable space and allows for convenient mounting. Designed to withstand the harshest marine conditions.
  • Full Dot Matrix Display with Easy-to-Use Intuitive Menus - Provides channel information and feedback for ease of use. The intuitive menu system makes changing settings quick and easy and helps prevent accidental changes.
  • Quik Command™ One-Touch Ch 16/9 Key on Mic - In addition to the channel up and down controls, the Quick Command control enables one touch access to the Coast Guard channels 16 and 9.
  • Durable Rubber Grip Mic
  • S.A.M.E. Emergency/Weather Alert - Allows you to specify the area that you need to hear any alerts that may be Weather, Civil, Biological, Nuclear, or National in nature.
  • Channel Names - The user can assign names to all marine channels for quicker reference.
  • Backlit LCD Display and Keypad - Allows for enhanced viewing in low light situations.
  • LCD Display and Dimmer - Fully user adjustable LCD contrast setting.
  • Triple Watch Plus™ - Allows you to monitor emergency channel 16 and 9, another user selectable channel plus weather alert.
  • Memory Scan - Allows you to scan all channels saved in memory.
  • Weather Alert - When activated, user is notified by NOAA weather signal of inclement conditions.
  • Weather Scan
  • 3 Year Waterproof Protection Warranty - Covered by Uniden's 3 year warranty including any and all water damage.
  • Specifications
    Controls Volume-Pwr, Squelch
    Status Indicators Transmit power, Scan mode, Triple Watch mode, Battery High, Battery low, USA, CAN, INT, Alert, Memory, GPS, Message, Weather band, GPS status and Channel Display
    Display LCD (Full Dot Matrix)
    Buttons ENT-1W/25W, Channel UP, Channel DOWN, CALL-MENU, WX-MEM, CLR-SCAN, 16/9-TRI, DISTRESS, and SCAN/MEM
    Connectors and Cables Antenna, accessory, and DC power
    Size H 75 mm x W 167 mm x L 129 mm (without Heat Sink) H 2.95 inches x W 6.58 inches x L 5.08 inches
    Weight 1.0 kg (2.2 pounds)
    Supply Voltage Nominal 13.8V DC, negative ground (10.5 VDC to 16.0 VDC)
    Standard Accessories Mounting bracket and hardware, microphone hanger,
    Antenna Impedance 50 Ω nominal
    Microphone Rugged 2 kΩ condenser mic element with coiled cord
    Speaker 1.77 inch, 8 Ω
    Operating Temperature Range –20 C to + 50 C (–4 F to +122 F)
    Shock and Vibration Meets or exceeds EIA standards, RS152B and RS204C
    FCC Approvals Type accepted under part 80 of the Rules; meets Great Lakes Agreement and party boat requirements
    Power Output 1 watt or 25 watt (user selectable)
    Power Requirement 25 watts output: 6A@13.8V DC
    Modulation 5 kHz deviation
    Hum and Noise Signal-to-Noise 45 dB@1 kHz with 3 kHz deviation with 1000 Hz modulating frequency (nominal)
    Audio Distortion Less than 8% with 3 kHz deviation with 1000 Hz modulating frequency
    Spurious Suppression –25 dBm @ Hi, –25 dBm @ Lo
    Output Power Stabilization Built-in automatic level control (ALC)
    Frequency Range 156 to 158 MHz
    Frequency Stability 10 ppm @ –20C to + 50C
    Frequency Range 156 to 163 MHz
    Sensitivity 0.25 μV for 12 dB SINAD (nominal)
    Circuit Dual Conversion Super Heterodyne PLL (Crystal for DSC)
    Squelch Sensitivity 0.2 μV Threshold
    Spurious Response 75 dB (nominal)
    Adjacent Channel Selectivity 78 dB @ 25 kHz (nominal)
    Audio Output Power 2.5 watts (10% Distortion, 8 Ω load)
    Power Requirement 360 mA @ 13.8V DC at squelched, 920 mA @ 13.8V DC at maximum audio output
    IF Frequencies 1st 41.925 MHz, 2nd 455 kHz (1st 21.7 MHz, 2nd 455 kHz for DSC)

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