Uniden Marine VHF Radio
VHF Marine Radio
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  • All USA/International and Canadian Marine Channels - Covers all USA, International & Canadian marine channels keeping you up-to-date with all the latest marine activity.
  • JIS4/CFR46 Waterproof Level
  • 1 Watt/5 Watt Switchable
  • NiMH and Alkaline Battery Capability
  • Instant Channel 16/9/Triple Watch
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Backlit Keypad - Offers you added visibility for dialing at night or in low light.
  • All N.O.A.A. Weather Channels with Weather Alert
  • Memory Channel Scan
  • Optional Speaker/Microphone
  • Flexible Rubber Antenna
Channels Transmit and Receive All US/International/
Canada Channel
Weather 10
Freq. Control PLL
Freq. Tol. Transmit 1.5 PPM (at 25C)
Receive 1.5 PPM (at 25C)
Oper. Temp. -4F (-20C) to
Antenna Flexible Whip
Microphone Built-in Electret type
Display Liquid Crystal Display
Speaker 8. 1 Watt
Power Source Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery Pack
7.2V 1350 mAh
Size (without antenna) 5.8 (H) x 2.7 (W) x 1.68 (D) inch
144 (H) x 67 (W) x 42 (D) mm
Weight (w/battery & antenna) 15.2 oz (430g)
Frequency Range 156~158 MHz
Frequency Stability 10 PPM
Power Output 1.0 W & 5W
Spurious Emissions -60 dBc (5W)
Current Drain 900mA (1W), 1500mA (5W)
Receiver Type Double Conversion Super
Heterodyne Phase
Locked Loop system for Local Oscillator
Frequency Range 156~164 MHz
Sensitivity 0.35V for 12dB SINAD
Squelch Sensitivity Threshold 0.25V
Audio 6 dB 500 to 2000Hz
Frequency Response
Adjacent Channel 60 dB @ 25 kHz
Hum & Noise Ratio 40 dB
Audio Output Power 0.5 W @ 10 % THD
Current Drain Squelched 45mA
Max. Audio 180mA
Specifications shown are typical and subject to change without notice.

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