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The Astatic Model 636L is a noise cancelling dynamic microphone for close talking, hand held applications in CB, Amature Radio, and SSB communications The 636L has a rugged, dependable dynamic element (the same element used in professional two-way radio) in a modern "tear-drop" style housing.
The frequency response is tailored for maximum intelligibilty and clarity in voice communications with a 360 minimization of background noise. A soft lip guard is positioned to assure proper close talk spacing by the operator. Molded in high impact Cycolac, The model 636L comes with six wire coil cord which allows for relay, electronic, or virtually any type hookup with almost any transmitter/tranceiver.
The model 636L has a low impedance output and a long life, trouble free DPDT switch, factory wired normally open.
Type: Dynamic Noise Cancelling
Frequency Response: See Frequency Response Curve on left
Output Level: -58 dB (0dB = 1 mw/10 microbars); -76dB (0dB = 1 volt/microbar); -152dB EIA
Impedance: 200 ohms, matches 50 to 1000 ohms.
Connector: Available stripped and tinned or configured with 4 pin (DX1) or 5 pin (DX2) DIN.
Cable: Six wire, five conductor (one conductor shielded) coiled cord that extends to 2.3 m (7 1/2 ft.). Durable strain relief bushing protects against cable breakage at microphone housing.
Housing: Durable high impact molded black Cycolac.
Size: 86 mm (3 3/8") high x 60.5 mm (2 3/8") wide x 27 mm (1 1/16") deep
Weight: 284 grams (10 oz.)
All 636L microphones are audio tested and inspected prior to shipment. Our absolute commitment to quality insures that ASTATIC microphones remain the Best Value in today’s competitive industry.
Connector-Cable Clamping
If the microphone plug you have selected for your hookup requirements does not have a cable clamp suitable for our small diameter high quality microphone cable, use tubing as supplied by ASTATIC. Simply slip tubing over cable prior to soldering of lead wires. Position it to ensure proper clamping of cable and tubing by the connector.
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