Ford Fuel Pump RFI Noise
We've been putting up with that annoying fuel pump RFI noise on our 2-way radios in our Ford Explorer for such a long time. We know Ford has an official fix to the problem, but we chose not to try their fix because our vehicle is out of factory warranty and we would have to pay for the job ourselves.
We ran across some information posted on Pat Freeman N3GWZ's website regarding Ford Explorer RFI and decided to give building and installing an RF choke a try. I'm so happy to say that after our vehicle technician completed the installation of the choke, it worked for us like a dream. We have so much less fuel pump RFI noise and love using our radio again. We still have a very faint sound of it on AM if I turn up all RF gains and volumes, but it's hardly a problem.
With Pat's permission, we've posted his page link here for your information. Please keep in mind, this worked for us, but we cannot imply that this is advice to modify your vehicle. If you choose to give it a try too, please see the disclosure at the bottom of the web page.
Pat's RFI Issues Page
ANY ALTERATION OR MODIFICATION TO A MOTOR VEHICLE SHOULD BE DONE BY A PROFESSIONAL. GASOLINE AND FUEL TANKS ARE EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE AND DANGEROUS AND MODIFICATIONS COULD RESULT IN INJURY OR DEATH. This information is for your informational purposes only and is NOT given here as advice by Pat Freeman, FORD MOTOR COMPANY, RADIOPROSHOP or DCS INDUSTRIES. We are not responsible or liable for any damage, injury, property loss or factory warranty issues in any way.
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